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A trip to Africa can not be fully complete without you checking out our amazing cultures and traditions in Liberia.

We provide some of the best kehkeh city tour packages to all of our clients from across the globe because…

Fun and Adventure always create beautiful memories  at the  kpatawee Waterfall in bong county…


Known as the land of the Rich Forest for Eco-tourism, Liberia’s stunning scenery and warm, friendly people offer unique experiences in one of the most remarkable countries in the world. It is blessed with extraordinary biodiversity, with incredible wildlife living throughout its mountains, lakes, rainforest and sweeping plains.

Travelers come from far and wide to catch a glimpse of the Pigma hippopotamus, yet there is so much more to see and experience in Mama Liberia.


The spirit of music is a master piece to the world that every nation enjoys across the globe and if you are to explore Liberia without getting a feeling from the West African beat then you are missing out something valuable and special about this nation. Some unique types of music that are only found in Liberia are Hipco, Gbehma, Trapco, and more. Click the button below to start enjoying some nice Liberian songs today.

Upcoming Tours

Waterfall Camp Adventure

Our Kpatawee waterfall experience is always one of its kind because it gives tourists the opportunity to explore nature.

Cycling Holidays

Cycling around Liberia is one of the must do activities for tourists in Liberia because the Monrovia Cycling club provides it all.

We aim to always put smile on the faces of our many tourists and general clients as we have observed that most often our clients are out of time to book their flight or get to work which makes it difficult for them to grab or purchase something awesome for that special someone in their life like a nice dress, bag, phone, chain and more so we decided to make the aspect of buying stuff easier for everyone as they stay wherever they are and order a product of interest. We can assure the public that we deliver everything right on time..


Explore The Uncovered

Have you had the chance to watch our cultural performers dance along with the traditional devils that gets tall and short at the same time?

Upcoming Tours & Destinations

Lake Piso, Blue Lake, Kpatawee Waterfall, Libassa Eco-lodge, JWG, Nimba Mountain, Lofa Mountain, ENNR, Etc.

swimming in Blue Lake Liberia
Road Trip Liberia
Blue Lake


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